How Moosejaw Embraces The Madness Of Being A Specialty Retailer In 2019

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Moosejaw has been a successful specialty retailer since 1992, and their unique, often edgy business approach has continued, despite being acquired by mega-retailer Walmart in 2017. 

Moosejaw CMO Dan Pingree will lead a session titled “Driving A Decent Specialty Approach At The World’s Largest Retailer (While Still Remaining Well-Coiffed)” at Retail TouchPoints Live! @ RetailX next week. During the session, Pingree will reveal how the brand has stayed true to its roots while also leveraging the benefits and opportunities presented by selling products on one of the world’s largest online platforms. 

Retail TouchPoints Senior Editor Glenn Taylor caught up with Pingree ahead of the event to get a quick preview of the session. Pingree revealed: 

  • How Moosejaw sets itself apart from other outdoor retailers;
  • An inside look at the #LoveTheMadness campaign;
  • Why the brand has invested heavily in technology that supports multi-touch attribution; and
  • Why focusing on the experience over transactions is the secret to their success.

Check out the full video above to learn more about Pingree’s inspirations and experiences as a member of the retail industry. And don’t forget to register for Retail TouchPoints Live! @ RetailX to get a front row seat during his session on Wednesday, June 26!